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Top quality instruction for boys, girls and adults | From age 2 and up | Classes in both the North and South of Calgary.

To register, please print and fill out all of the forms provided in our “Registration package" located above. Our class times are located in our schedule above. The workshop form only needs to be completed if you are in your second year of dance and up. For your convenience, a copy of the "Parent & Student handbook" is provided above. Be sure to read through the handbook and initial and sign the form provided in your MJP registration package. If you have any more questions regarding, shoes, what to wear to class etc, have a look at our FAQ page.

You can register at our in-person registration (Details below) OR, all registration forms and payment can be brought into your first class or may be mailed to:

Deborah Braden, 151 Cantree Place S.W., Calgary, AB. T2W 2K2

MJP in
Irish Dance

MJP was featured in the September, 2018 Irish Dance Magazine!
Miss. Joelle was asked to write an article based on her "Life Hacks" YouTube video.

The article features photos of some of our MJP dancers.

You can have a look at our "Behind the scenes" video here:

used shoe & dress
provided by the volunteer association: MJPIDA

Dancers from MJP or from any dance school are welcome to use our shoe and dress exchange. To buy or sell an item, simply e-mail our used shoe exchange at

Or, have a look at the dresses that are currently for sale on "Smilebox" by clicking HERE



50 Midpark Rise S.E.
Calgary, Alberta

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16 Harlow Avenue N.W.
Calgary, Alberta

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3716 2nd Street N.W.

Calgary, Alberta
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Highland Park Location
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MJP's Dates 2017-18

For more information on upcoming competitions (times, location etc.) please visit the feisworx website. For a full list of all North American feiseanna, please visit the North American Feis Commission website.

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Our dancers are not seen as a product but as an individual.
We bring a personal focus to teaching Irish dance
and self-confidence.Which is why
our students love to dance
and why they keep coming back.

Life is the dancer
and you are the dance.
Eckhart Tolle

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Below are the most frequently asked questions we get from families of MJP. If you have a question you don't see below, feel free to contact us.

What do I wear to class? (Children and Adults)
Shorts and a close fitting T-shirt or tank top with long socks, tights or leg warmers. All dancers in their second year of dance and up must wear long white socks (they don't have to be poodle socks) to class so that we can better correct your technique. Socks can be worn over top of tights if you like tights. Shorts must be above the knee as so that corrections can be made to knee positions. If shorts are very short (approx. one to three inches long) then tights must be worn underneath.
Tights and bodysuit (skirts above the knee are fine): Any color and style are acceptable although, beginner students perform wearing black tights and a blck bodysuit with T-shirt length sleeves and a boat neck.


Hair: During class, hair should be back from the face and out of the eyes.
What do I wear for shows?
This question requires a long answer so please see our Show Guide in our "members only" section of the website.
What kind of shoes will I need?


Beginner girls may wear black ballet slippers. (Pink ballet slippers may be worn but if dancing in performances, black slippers are required)
Beginner boys may wear a black jazz shoe.
These can be purchased at any dance store throughout the city.

Girls wear a soft black slipper-like shoe called a ghillie (also called pomps)
Boys wear a boys reel shoe. These shoes have a hard heel on them that makes a clicking noise when they hit their heels together.
If you intend to purchase these shoes, please do not buy them at the ballet shops around town as they will sell you Highland dance shoes instead of ghillies which are the wrong shoe.

For more information, please read our MJP Shoe guide HERE

Where can I buy Irish Dance shoes?
Shoes can be purchased used online, or from another dancer at MJP by using the "Shoe Exchange"

Or purchase new at Steele Celtic Dancewear at the following address: 576 Coach Grove Road S.W. Calgary, AB Phone:(403) 686-3514
When do I get to use hardshoes?
Dancers are usually ready to begin using hardshoes in their second year, around December. For more information, please read our MJP Shoe guide HERE
Where can I buy Irish music?
Music can be found at local Irish dance competitions and also at Steele Celtic Dancewear at the following address: 576 Coach Grove Road S.W. Calgary, AB Phone:(403) 686-3514 Itunes can be a good resource. Try starting with a search for "Light Jig". That will usually bring up Irish dance music.
We also have links to some of my favourite dace CD's in our "members only" section of the website.
Do I have to compete?
No. Competition is a big decision and requires that the dancer and the family make the choice together to take the next step with their dancing.
Are the adult classes for complete beginners?
Yes. Although the more advanced students are often mixed with the new students. This makes classes larger and more enjoyable for the students.
Are the adult classes for serious dancers only?
No. Adults can take lessons just for fun and/or exercise or they can do shows or compete or any combination of these.
How old are the dancers in the adult classes?
Adult dancers range in age from young adult and up. (I would be in trouble if I told how old our oldest dancer is). There is no age limit in the adult classes at MJP.
What is MJPIDA?
MJP Irish Dance Association (MJPIDA) is MJP Academy of Irish Dance’s Non-Profit Society. Membership is open to anyone over the age of majority. Parents/guardians of dancers and/or dancers who have reached age of majority may apply for family membership.
All families and dancers are encouraged to join and participate in the MJPIDA. The full MJPIDA handbook can be read HERE and outlines the benefits of membership and participation by parents and dancers.
MJPIDA supports all MJPIDA member dance students.
Are the MJPIDA meetings mandatory?
No, but the decisions made at MJPIDA meetings affect all dancers at MJP academy. Also, going to meetings helps parents to keep informed and allows parents from the North and South locations meet one another.
Does Irish dance qualify me for a tax cut?
Yes it does! Under the "Children's Fitness Tax Credit".
When are receipts given out?
Receipts are handed out twice a year: January/February and June.
What do the initials M.J.P. stand for?
The intials M.J.P. stand for Miss. Joelle's Performing (Academy of Irish Dance).

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    Mondays & Thursdays(SOUTH)
    MidSun Community Centre
    50 Midpark Rise S.E.
    Calgary, Alberta

    Tuesday Classes (NORTH)
    Highwood Community Centre
    16 Harlow Avenue N.W.
    Calgary, Alberta

    Wednesday Classes (NORTH)
    Highland Park Community Centre
    3716 2nd Street N.W.
    Calgary, Alberta

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